The Fox Gets Hardwired – The Deep Reconnection is Complete

When you read the words of someone you know repeatedly telling you how great “it” is, or “they” are, there is a human tendency to switch off. Add to that the occasional comment about “working for them so of COURSE you’d say ‘they’ were great!” and the whole “paid-to-say-it’s good” thing becomes a bit of a fait accompli.

I started to hear it (and sense it) a few months ago, after Metallica played another blinder of a gig in Minneapolis, and I really started to hear it after I quietly told people that their (then) forthcoming new album was a pure belter and their best work for over two decades.

I remained calm.

I knew that people’s own ears would dictate the truth about Hardwired…To Self-Destruct and they obviously did, underscored by its stunning success (#1 in 57 countries).

I knew I wasn’t wrong, and now, hopefully, you all do too.

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